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2011 Blog Entries

Saving Jesus from Christmas
We need to stop forcing Jesus to associate with a holiday that wants nothing to do with Him.
A Thanksgiving Pilgrim Miracle
The amazing providential care of God for the Pilgrim Fathers through an English-speaking Indian named Squanto
Doing "The Right Thing" for Porn Stars
Making the porn industry safe by mandating condom use!
Our "Kill-Crazy" Bible
Comments on an Amazon book review about the English Standard Version of the Bible
Soul Surfer and the Prude
How a Christian movie can undermine its own intentions and create more problems than it seeks to solve
The Low Definition of Marriage
Legalizing "gay marriage" now makes us equal?
Google and the Gays: Does It Really Get Better?
A response, or maybe just a reaction, to Google's open promotion of the gay agenda
Genderless Children or Brainless Parents?
Just when I thought things couldn't get any stupider . . .
Maybe Not This Week, But the End IS Coming
Thoughts provoked by Harold Camping's misguided prophetic guesswork
Who Is To Blame For A Tsunami?
Getting to the bottom of the "crime". Thoughts submitted to the Centre Daily Times:
Unions, Budgets, and "Inalienable" Rights
David and Goliath duke it out
Sandra and the Will of God
Reintegrating the "D.V." concept into our thinking
He Ain't Christian, He's Not My Brother
Alabama Gov. Bentley's statement of the obvious, and the incapacity of the American public to grasp it

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